Networking for Introverts

The networking introvert. Now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one. If you’re an introvert like I am – or just someone who hates networking – you’ve come to the right place. Because while most introverts feel like networking is something they could never actually enjoy – my aim with this blog post is […]

The Great Payoff of Improving Your Typing Skills

So what is this big payoff? you might be wondering. Some people argue that it’s a time saver. For example, if you’re a slow typer who writes many emails throughout the day, doubling your typing speed could in theory cut the time you spend writing those emails in half. However, my reason for encouraging people […]

Be More Productive!

Ever notice how the hours in a day have a way of disappearing? Some days I have a long mental list of the things I’m going to accomplish between morning and night – but despite my efforts, at the end of the day I often feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface. This week’s […]

How to Deal with Difficult People

Come across a grumpy dwarf of sorts recently? I did – and let me tell you, it was not fun. Difficult (or even downright mean) people sometimes cause us to buy into what they’re saying – to believe them when they say that we’re no good, or incompetent, or whatever not-so-nice things they might be […]

How to Fill the Summer Lull

For a lot of us, the summer is a time when work is not flowing quite as abundantly as it usually is during the year. If this is true for you, here’s five ideas for summer projects that will ensure you are taking full advantage of your downtime while you have it!

Get Inspired!

Whether you’re in a bit of a creative slump or not – we all can do with a healthy dose of inspiration now and then. Here’s five ways you can get outside of yourself, gain some perspective, and gather some new inspiration to keep moving ahead!

5 Ways to Start Helping the Planet

Reuse, Renew, Recycle. Reuse, Renew, Recycle. We’ve all heard it a million times – but this year in celebrating Earth day I wanted to share with you my readers some specific ways in which you can start shrinking your carbon footprint today. And don’t worry – recycling isn’t on the list.

Love – Pass it on!

That’s right – this Valentine’s Month I’m playing the cheezy card. But seriously, do you remember the last time someone did something really nice for you for no reason at all? How did it make you feel? I don’t know about you, but when I have experiences like that, it reminds me that I live […]

Eight Ways to Develop a Strong Personal Brand

What is a brand? Many people think that your brand is simply the aesthetic side of your business – meaning the colors and fonts that you use, and your logo if you have one. But a brand is much more than this. It’s the emotional and psychological relationship you have with your clients and customers. […]

Why You Need a Personal Coach

There is a lot of mystery today around what exactly personal coaches do. No, they are not personal trainers. Nor are they therapists or psychologists. To the best of my understanding, a personal coach provides support and guidance in helping a person achieve a specific personal or professional goal. So what exactly might that goal […]