5 Great Conversation Starters

“Where are you from?” “Do you come here often?” …yawn… Never be afraid to ask great questions. When I’m out at an event and someone asks me a question that’s completely out of the ordinary, it feels like a breath of fresh air. So the next time you find yourself chatting with a new person […]

Creating a Workspace You Love

Where do you do your best work? Can you work in any location with equal productivity and inspiration? For I confess, I cannot. My surroundings and environment have a huge effect on how inspired I feel and my level of focus. Recently, as I sat in the very uninspiring setting of a dismal local cafe, […]

Working in Coffee Shop Smart Tips

I don’t think I’ve ever met an entrepreneur who doesn’t work in coffee shops. Coffee shops are our turf. They’re our office away from home office. They’re where we can finally focus and not be distracted by the refrigerator, or the kids, or whatever those distractions at home are for you. They’re where we can […]

Life Lessons from a Four-Year-Old

Recently on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I spent a few hours with my nephew Jack. I was struck, as I always am when I spend time with him, by how much he can teach me about life. There are of course the practical lessons I’ve learned from him such as to eat your favorite food […]

My First Vision Board

When my friend Angela of Revalue Investing invited me to her “vision board making” party, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for. I did not. I’ve always thought that a vision board is a combination of words and pictures that represent all the things you want to manifest […]

5 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs During the Holidays

“Time off? What’s time off?” – Every entrepreneur who every lived I find the single most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur is the sheer juggling act of it all. Client communications? That’s you. Managing a social media presence? Yep, that’s you too. Accounting and Finance? You guessed it – all you. And so it’s […]

The Birthday List

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday was the thing that you most looked forward to all year? It was that day of ultimate fun when you were treated extra special and got to do and enjoy all of your favorite things. I remember birthdays being this way for myself and my friends […]

The Vast Rewards of a “You-cation”

Does it ever seem like you can never quite get to those things in life you’re most excited about? Those things you’d love to do that are indefinitely “on the backburner” because you’re too busy simply trying to keep up with the many activities of everyday life? There are of course things we each must […]

Take Control of Your Time

Do you ever feel like time is in control of you instead of the other way around? This is exactly how I felt most of my adult life – until recently. So what changed? It’s very simple. I decided to structure and spend my time much more deliberately and thoughtfully. Following the following three principles, […]

What is a work funnel?

Have you ever given any real thought to how you secure work? If you trace backward and consider each step of the process that had to happen to get you there, you’ll most likely discover that you have one or more┬áprocesses that you go through over and over. A “work funnel” diagram is basically a […]