Working with a Designer: Get the Results You Want!

Back in 2011 when I released my first solo jazz album (here it is if you’re curious), I hadn’t yet begun designing album artwork myself – so I hired a professional graphic designer to design it for me (her name is April Kuo and she did an amazing job by the way). But what I […]

Fonts 101

Never underestimate the power of type. You may not realize it, but each time you observe an ad on the subway, read a flyer posted at your local coffee joint, or flip through the pages of your favorite magazine – the fonts used there are affecting the way in which you perceive the information. And […]

What’s a Favicon?

Favicons. After I tell you what they are, I promise you’re going to want your own right away, so keep reading. To see what a favicon is, first open your Internet browser of choice (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and take a look at the tabs you have open (tabs appear when you have multiple sites open […]

Book Review: Successful Freelancing for Web Designers

The cover of this book displays an illustration of a robot juggling seven yellow balls (as you can see). At first this picture made no sense to me – after all, I thought this book was about freelance web designing, not juggling … but as I began reading the book, it occurred to me that […]

Color Theory 101

Are you one of those people to whom “what colors look good together” is sort of this vague and ambiguous mystery that can never be seen as any sort of exact science? I was that way for many years, until I finally took to learning something about color theory. My hope is that this post […]

Web Design: A Brief History

I built my first website in 1997. Then a freshman in high school, I used a website builder called Angelfire, a free service that had a very tight and inflexible template into which you could enter a limited amount of information, and call it your own site. I realize how lame this sounds now, but […]

Starting From Scratch

When I first discovered that I had a passion for creating neat stuff on the web, I knew I had two choices: go back to school and get an expensive degree, or read a lot of books and teach myself what I wanted to know. Because at that time I was paying my rent with […]