What I’ve made so far.

Have a look at my portfolio.

Sheila Earley

Website for Sheila Earley, drummer and percussionist.

Exactly Designs

Interior Design by Elin Walters.

St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe

Website for St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe, a craft beer bar and store in Brooklyn, NY.

Darmon Meader

Website for vocalist & saxophonist Darmon Meader.

Kim Nazarian

Website for vocalist Kim Nazarian.

Gemini Music Productions

Website for Gemini Music Productions company.

3 Ten Events Inc.

Website for 3TEN EVENTS, an event management company.

Jordan Klemons

Website for guitarist Jordan Klemons.

Shelagh Abate

Website for Shelagh Abate, horn player.

Dr. Linda Hamilton

Website for Dr. Linda Hamilton, Performance Psychology Specialist.

Bill Singer

Website for Bill Singer, Saxophone Repair Artist.

Dave Noland

Website for Dave Noland, Saxophonist and Woodwind Player.

Lisa Parrott

I’ll never forget meeting Lisa Parrott. It was over a decade ago, when I flew […]

Joel Harrison

Website for guitarist Joel Harrison.

Nadje Noordhuis

Website for Nadje Noordhuis, Trumpet.

Chris Buzzelli

Website for Chris Buzzelli, Guitarist.

Paradise Winds

Website for Paradise Winds Woodwind Quintet.

Jennifer Wharton

When Jennifer Wharton and I were putting the final touches on her new website pre-launch, […]

Rachel Caswell

Website for vocalist Rachel Caswell.

Peter Eldridge

Website for Peter Eldridge, vocalist.

Margo Vignola

Website for Margo Vignola, Artist.

Tony Kadleck

Website for Tony Kadleck, NYC-based trumpeter.


Website for Sugartone Brass Band.

Chris Biesterfeldt

Website for guitarist Chris Biesterfeldt.

Brenda Earle Stokes

Website for Brenda Earle Stokes, pianist and vocalist.

Deanna Witkowski

Website for pianist Deanna Witkowski.

Laurie Frink

Website for The Laurie Frink Career Grant.

Luke Carlos O’Reilly

Website for Luke Carlos O'Reilly, pianist.

Anna VanMatre

Website for Anna VanMatre, artist.

Paul Houghtaling

Website for Paul Houghtaling, Stage Director.

Sonksen Strings

Website for luthier Mark Sonksen and Sonksen Strings.

Lizzie Thomas

Website for Lizzie Thomas, NYC-based jazz vocalist.

Christine Marie Heath

Website for Christine Marie Heath, singer and actress.

Erick Storckman

Website for Erick Strockman, trombonist.

Brooklyn Jazz Orchestra

Website for The Brooklyn Jazz Orchestra

New York Voices

Website for The New York Voices.

Rick VanMatre

Website for Rick VanMatre, saxophonist.

Matt Holman

Website for Matt Holman, trumpet.

The Caswell Sisters

Website for Sara and Rachel Caswell, violinist and vocalist.

Sara Caswell

Website for violinist Sara Caswell.

Lori Boothroyd + Mindful Michigan

Website for Lori Boothroyd and Mindful Michigan.

Daniel Ott

Website for composer Daniel Ott.

Larry Corban

Website for NYC-based guitarist Larry Corban.

Randy Napoleon

Website for Randy Napoleon, guitarist.

Devin Gray

Website for NYC-based drummer Devin Gray.

Paul Francis

Website for NYC-based drummer Paul Francis.

Earley Sourcing

Website for Earley Sourcing, a search firm.

Jacob Teichroew

Website for Jacob Teichroew, saxophonist.

Talking Alternatives

Website for Mediating Company Talking Alternatives.

Alex Smith

Website for Alex Smith, pianist.

Amy Cervini

Website for Amy Cervini, vocalist.

Janelle Reichman

Website for Janelle Reichman, clarinetist and saxophonist.

Alex Greenleaf

Website for Singer-Songwriter Alex Greenleaf.

The Salon Concert Society

Website for The Salon Concert Society.