A few years ago, I gave a presentation on the importance of having a website and strong online presence to a class of music majors at NYU. Working with Jordan Klemons on his website was hands down the best thing that came out of giving that presentation. Additionally, it always gives me a special pleasure to work on a website for someone who’s recently had their photo taken by the marvelous photographer and my good friend Erika Kapin. This was the case with Jordan, and we decided to center the whole theme around those photos. The blues even came straight from Jordan’s shirt! I know Jordan is going to put his website to excellent use.

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  • Anyone who works with Janelle, or views her work, must conclude that she is at the top of her game, and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone requiring an effective, custom designed, punctually delivered, and reasonably priced website.

    Nadje N.

  • Janelle has a great eye for beautiful and clear design, she is an expert on all the latest technology and industry trends, and she is a complete and conscientious professional with whom I have really enjoyed working as she built my new site!

    Erick S.

  • One of the most personable and skilled professionals I've ever worked with. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented person. Can't recommend Janelle enough!

    Stephen G.

  • This gal is super knowledgeable, speedy, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to keep their business up to speed with technology today.

    Christine Marie H.

  • Janelle is a consummate professional - she blended her design and technical expertise with my vision at every point. She was prompt, responsive and a joy to work with.

    Cristina M.