Working with Janelle on the redesign of our website was a dream. She made the process as painless as possible anticipating problems as well as our needs. Her experience in this area was obvious from the beginning. She works fast, is efficient, and detail oriented offering several options for approval. I highly recommend her for your web design whether it’s your initial concept or a redesign.

– Neil B.

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Janelle Reichman on the needed updating of my website this past year. She is super skilled and creative, business savvy, wonderfully patient (which was necessary in my case), and really put something together that I think fit perfectly with my music and general aesthetic. I cannot recommend Janelle highly enough – she is a sure and steady collaborator, and passionate about what she does. What’s not to love about that?

– Peter E.

Janelle came highly recommended from several musician friends who each said she was great to work with, reasonably priced and worked quickly among other things. I was also attracted to the color combinations and overall aesthetics as well as the clear designs and functionality of the websites she had done. This made with the decision to work with Janelle easy.

Her experience, good communication and creativity proved invaluable throughout the whole process. Since this was my first website this started with a questionnaire which itself is designed well to guide you to think clearly about what you want your website to be. Janelle was extremely patient while I figured all of this stuff out and slowly got the pieces to her. After listening to ideas about what I wanted, she came up with a great custom color scheme and design that worked perfectly. I couldn’t have done this website without Janelle. She’s all that my friends had said she was and more.

– Chris B.

We checked out a number of web designers, but only Janelle at Continuum Design + Web matched the type of professionalism, custom design, customer service, and pricing that we were seeking. She was highly recommended by a mutual friend; we were then drawn by the examples and feedback from other customers on her website. They were all true, and then some. Throughout the entire re-design, Janelle was very professional; highly knowledgeable and creative; totally helpful, always responsive, and on point; and her turn-around time was exceptional. She provided excellent recommendations, and took the time to educate us on new web technology and trends. Along with her technical skills, Janelle was very patient, open, and accommodating to all our requests. We were in constant communication and she kept us informed throughout. Amazingly she was able to accomplish the entire re-design without any issue, only communicating via email. It was a truly awesome experience working with Janelle, she delivered beyond expectations. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a web designer.

– Rudy B.

Janelle’s approach to my website was to present a clear, sleek design, incorporating my existing logo/color scheme, and which was easy to navigate. She made the entire process extremely simple for me. Her email replies were very prompt, and she answered every question (believe me, there were MANY!) in great detail. She also put together a beautiful one-sheet for me, as well as setting up my Mailchimp account. Janelle is super easy to work with! I’m recommending her to all of my friends who’d like to create or update a website. I’m now a huge fan of Continuum Design + Web!

– Tony K.

I’ve been so grateful to work with Janelle. She is extremely clear, knowledgeable, professional and artistic. We worked together quickly and the process was quite enjoyable! Janelle asked all the right questions in the beginning and had a very clear idea of what we were looking for. I always felt that I was dealing with a highly qualified designer. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Mairi D.

Janelle was a joy to work with as she designed my website. She listened very intently to my needs and asked great questions for clarity. She is creative and had great ideas and added features I hadn’t even thought of! She is diligent, caring, reasonably priced and very customer focused. For those of you who are thinking about creating a website, I highly recommend Janelle.

– Suzanne M.

Working with Janelle was a true top-notch professional experience. She made sure to understand my current professional needs and she worked with me every step of the way to give my site the personal feel I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

– Devin G.

Janelle is a consummate professional – she blended her design and technical expertise with my vision at every point. She was prompt, responsive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Janelle and Continuum Web Design to anyone seeking a custom website design.

-Cristina M.

Janelle was a delight to work with. She is quick and and extremely knowledgeable in the realm of web design and extremely friendly in the process. I am very happy with the service she provided and get many compliments on how unique my website looks.

– Steve K.

I couldn’t be happier with the website that Janelle created for me. With her experience as a professional musician, she was able to provide invaluable insight into what I needed to best present and promote my music. She was easy to work with and I truly appreciated her dedication to getting the job done right. Thanks again Janelle!

– Alex S.

Working with Janelle to create my website was a pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise in website design made the whole process easy. She really cared about what I needed my website to be and took the time to make it look exactly the way I wanted. I would recommend Janelle to anyone looking to build a great website!

– Paul F.

Janelle made the process of redesigning and transferring my website as quick, easy, and painless as possible. Her focus on creating a clear message helped guide my own vision for the site, and she was receptive to my ideas as well. Communication with her was clear and immediate. I highly recommend Janelle and Continuum Web Design.

– Jacob T.

Janelle embodies an unbeatable, unshakable combination of sensitivity and professionalism. From beginning to end, she was patient, thorough, and gave attention to every little detail as well as the “big picture”. Very few designers have this precious combination of skills and gifts. I came to Janelle with some “outside the box” needs and she was flexible and adaptive. She took the time to carefully assess and understand what my goals were for the new site; I felt she “got me” and my work and I was very at ease during the process. I would recommend Janelle and Continuum Web Design without hesitation!

– Lori B.

Janelle really understood the aesthetic I was going for. She gave me a few different options, all of which were great and right along the lines that I described. The website is so much easier to navigate than my old one and it has all the functions I need, a “buy now” button, an electronic press kit, etc. Janelle got it done great and she got it done fast!

– Randy N.

Janelle is a delight to work with. She’s very professional and thorough. She took the time to know about my work and what my concerns were regarding the website. Janelle worked efficiently and obviously took my input into account because she produced the perfect website for my needs. Her fee was more than reasonable considering the excellent service and product. I highly recommend her.

– Gail G.

I am blessed that Janelle was referred to me by a very good friend! I am just thrilled with the results that she has delivered. I am fairly “non tech savvy” and Janelle made sure that wasn’t an issue. She is a professional through and through and I am very appreciative of all the time, energy, and creativity that she gave to my project. Thank you so much, Janelle Reichman, for being an amazing partner in my web development!

– Lanie V. O.

Janelle is such a pleasure to work with. She is quick on the draw with her emails and is very responsive to ideas. She’s also super knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t. The suggestions she recommended for my website layout were priceless and she sees everything through to the end. One of the most personable and skilled professionals I’ve ever worked with. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented person. Can’t recommend Janelle enough!

– Stephen G.

Working with Janelle is an absolute delight! Her collaborative approach gave me the chance to express my ideas and combine it with her creative vision to make the site-building process very easy and quick. She helped me update all social media sources, make my site mobile friendly, and designed it so I can personally go in it to make my own changes! Ka-ching! A big money saver in the long run. This gal is super knowledgeable, speedy, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to keep their business up to speed with technology today.

– Christine M. H.

Janelle is that rare person who combines great technical expertise and a highly developed artistic sensibility. She was detail oriented and very practical about the best way to organize the information. At the same time, she was very creative in her overall vision and use of space and imagery. I can’t imagine a better website designer!

– Rick V.

I will be recommending Janelle to all of my fellow musicians who are looking for a designer for their website. She knew just what I needed to put my music and Internet needs into the context of a contemporary website. She took the time to understand what my goals are for the site, and customized things in such a way that really makes sense for my work as an independent artist. Janelle has a great eye for beautiful and clear design, she is an expert on all the latest technology and industry trends, and she is a complete and conscientious professional with whom I have really enjoyed working as she built my new site!

– Erick S.

I am so happy with the way Janelle designed my site! I am very picky since I am an artist and also have design experience. Janelle was patient and considerate of my wishes and kept the site logical and clean enough so that it did not detract from my paintings. But she also injected her own personal artistic flair and the result was just what I was hoping for!

– Anna V.

Professional, and charmingly efficient. This is how I would describe my experience with Janelle Reichman in building my website. She operates with an ease and experience that makes the entire process the way a musician needs it to be- easy. Janelle does not stop with the website, she then teaches you how to make any changes and updates to your new website, so it is fully yours. 5 Stars!

– Lizzie T.

Janelle is that rare great web designer. From day one, she took the time to explore what did and didn’t work with my old site, ways a new site might better represent me, what adjectives I associate visually with my personality and craft, how visitors’ experiences might be enhanced, etc. With these details in mind, she put her thoughtfulness, diligence, aesthetic sense, and dedication to work in designing MY site, one that is far beyond what I could’ve hoped for. Thanks, Janelle!!!!

– Sara C.

When considering web designers for the Laurie Frink Career Grant, for us there was one standout option. Janelle’s work is elegant, concise, and her attention to detail sets her apart from many others. She made the process of setting up the site very straight forward, and she was always 100% on track with the initial timeline. Anyone who works with Janelle, or views her work, must conclude that she is at the top of her game, and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone requiring an effective, custom designed, punctually delivered, and reasonably priced website.

– Nadje N.

I researched 15 or so website designers, but Janelle stood out. She had several examples on her website and I liked all of them. She had clearly worked with many musicians before, and every one of her sites had personality. When I reached out to her, she responded quickly and seemed very accommodating. I am 100% satisfied with the results and I still receive compliments regularly form people who have visited. If you are in need of a website, especially if you are a performing artist, Janelle Reichman is an affordable yet highly professional option and an excellent choice.

– Luke C. O.

My experience working with Janelle at Continuum Web Design was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. Janelle was very easy to work with and made the whole experience very streamlined and painless. The tutorials are great and it’s very easy for me to update and maintain my site. I am thrilled with how my website turned out and my fans are too! I highly recommend Continuum Web Design.

– Amy C.

Janelle was wonderful to work with. She really listened to what I was looking for, gave me many options, and worked quickly. I was very happy with the final product and would definitely use her again.

– Kirsten A.

I had a great experience working with Janelle on updating my website! She was extremely responsive to my questions, provided creative design ideas and expert advice on technology matters, and was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend you hire Janelle for your next project!

– Sari K.

Janelle Reichman was wonderful to work with — professional, efficient, clear, and supportive. She took the time to hear what I wanted and needed and she created exactly what I asked for. She was also patient and kind, which were important attributes to me being a non-techy type. And I think her fees are extremely fair and reasonable given the amount of personal attention and detail she puts into her work. If you need website work of any kind, Janelle is your internet artist!

– Paul H.

Janelle is a first-rate designer! I really didn’t know what I wanted when I approached her to work on our website. All I knew was that I wanted our site to really pop and I wasn’t happy with the current website. The site was good (when we created it seven years ago) but it was time for a change. I wanted it to be innovative and draw our target audience into the world that is Sugartone Brass Band. Janelle accomplished this task and more! She was able to translate my somewhat vague ideas into a concrete plan that exceeded my expectations in every way!

If I could give one word to describe Janelle’s work, it would be ‘Vision!’ Janelle has the vision, to carry your ideas from infancy to completion with a skill level that is second to none. First Rate and Highly Recommended!

– Kenny B.

Janelle created two websites for me so far. Her work is creative and clean. The seamlessness in which she integrates the variable content and functional requirements of a website propelled my businesses to a more professional presence on the Internet. I appreciated her clear cut directions on what she needed from me to create the sites. She also was knowledgeable in all the latest technologies and continues to provide excellent customer service and advice on any changes or upgrades that need to be made. I highly recommend Continuum Design + Web.

– Sheila E.

Janelle at Continuum is an excellent website designer. Her emphasis on straight forward elegance and customer communication satisfied all of us at Paradise Winds. She had our goals in mind and prioritized careful communication through the whole process. That kind of attention and communication assured us of her services and we’ve been satisfied with her design and follow-up since it was published. Any creative entity will feel right at home with Janelle at Continuum.

– Joseph K.

I’m extremely happy with the work Janelle did to my website. She was quick, her communication was good, and her suggestions and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her for any web design needs.

– Dave N.

I found working with Janelle to be an absolute pleasure. Not only did she understand my needs as an artist, but also organized the website to include all the necessary features. In addition, she tutored me in web updating and held my hand through the establishment of the site through a web server and other technologically challenging requirements. I have had nothing but positive feedback from fellow artists and friends, who extol its design and ease of navigation. I strongly recommend Janelle, especially to individuals like myself who might be new to the process

– Margo V.

Janelle Reichman is a highly skilled website designer. What makes her unique are a few qualities. Firstly she is a great listener. She’s patient and has a knack for getting the shape and size of your personal vision without any fuss. If there’s anything she’s unsure of she asks. Another great quality is that she gets back to you in an eyeblink. No long waits for her to return your communications. She answers promptly and gets to work right away. Lastly she has the skills to take you from a vision, through the nuts and bolts, to a great looking finished product. Janelle is also very flexible, anything from revising to reinventing, she’s able to break it down and build it up with a simple elegance. I highly recommend her.

– Alex G.

Janelle Reichman did an amazing job of designing my website! She is a top notch professional who is easy to communicate with, extremely organized, and has so many creative ideas. I have recommended her work to many colleagues and will continue to hire her for all of my design needs!

– Brenda E.

Prior to working with Janelle, I had a website that looked dated and was very cumbersome to modify. Janelle took the time to assess my needs and create a web site that not only looks great, but is functional and friendly to both me and those who visit the site. From the early stages of designing my website, to developing content, to providing detailed instructions and tutorials on how to keep my website up to date, Janelle was patient and very quick to respond to questions and concerns.

– Chris B.